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Program designed for apartment owners who would like to maximize the rental profit but don't want to have anything to do with the tenant. Expect 7 days/week availability with immediate response to all apartment-related issues. Rent payments are remitted to the owner in full regardless of apartment occupancy.

Program designed for apartment owners who don't want any hassle with the apartment and the tenant, and leave that to us. The rent will be remitted to the owner according to the contract, and there is a a pre-agreed payment amount for times the apartment is not occupied.

Program designed especially for apartment owners who already have a long-term tenant in the apartment, but no longer wish to take care of the apartment and tenant.

We find a reliable tenant

We carry out background checks of the tenant in the available registries

We negotiate with the tenant for you
We handle the transfer of utilities and all services without your involvement
We arrange legal services
We set up a personal online account for you to track events, costs, and records of visits to your apartment
We arrange home insurance with liability for the tenant for any incurred damages
We handle insurance cases for you and the tenant
We collect overdue rent from the tenant
We pay the rent when your apartment is unoccupied




We pay the rent from the agreed date and thereafter for the duration of our contract with you
We renegotiate the rent with the tenant on an annual basis to match market prices
We handle the annual billing of utilities and services with the tenant
We share with you any additional rental profits that exceed those stated in our contract

Telephone or chat assistance na telefonu/chatu

8:00-21:00 7 days a week

8:00-18:00 workdays

8:00-18:00 workdays

Regular maintenance and minor repairs in the apartment
Providing repairs at the owner's expense
Regular apartment inspections and sharing information and photo documentation kontroly bytu a sdílení informací o stavu a fotodokumentace
Property management service also for an apartment or house in which you live

Preparation of documents for your tax return for property rental income taxes
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