Rent calculation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose your company? What makes you the best choice?

We will ensure that you get the maximum return on your property without the standard rental hassles. We are not a real estate agent, we use an innovative approach. We are an organization with strong capital and many years of experience with the rental of industrial buildings, offices and retail space. In our work, we are able to utilize this market familiarity and also the synergy gained from our other business activities. The services we provide are tailor-made to the owner’s needs; the terms that we agree on together are the terms that we will apply.

How much will your services cost me?

The cost of our services is calculated according to the program that you have chosen and it is counted based on the rent. Our goal is to maximize your return from the apartment, and find you the best tenant in the shortest period of time.

How long will it take until I see the first rental payment in my account?

We will make sure that your property starts earning money for you in under one month. We will send you the first payment immediately upon signing the contract. We are able to complete negotiations with you and handle all the paperwork and loose ends in such a way that the contract gets signed as soon as possible. From that point on we will be sending you regular monthly payments throughout the entire rental period.

To whom will you be renting and when?

We guarantee regular rental payments even if your property is not occupied. It is in our interest to rent it out as quickly as possible and to the most reliable potential tenant. That is why we do a credit register background check on each applicant, and then stay in touch with the tenant throughout the duration of the contract. The condition of the apartment and making sure that both you and your neighbors are happy is our priority, and that is why we also continue to check in on them, and on your apartment, regularly.

What happens if the tenant doesn't pay the rent?

We will deal with this situation. At the moment that the contract is signed, we become your tenant, and you will get the agreed rental payment from us on time no matter what. You can leave the issues of checking to see if payments have arrived or following up on late payments to us; we will handle it. We take particular care in choosing the tenant in order to minimize the occurrence of this type of situation.

Can you guarantee that nothing will happen to my apartment?

Your apartment will be protected by home and liability insurance policies. We require this insurance and provide it. You do not pay for this service. Our aim is to prevent the occurrence of damage or other events through our extremely careful choice of reliable tenants. At the end of the contract, the apartment will be returned to its original state.

How are utilities transferred to the tenant?

Our goal is to relieve you of all worries and obligations connected with the rental of your apartment. For this reason, we will take care of the transfer of utilities to the tenant, using a power of attorney and the annual utilities bill of the previous year.

How do we handle the utilities advance payment deposits?

We will regularly remit these funds to your account according to the advance payment amount that was specified in the contract (e.g., payments for shared cleaning, elevator operation, electricity in shared areas, garbage removal, central heating). At the end of the contract, the advance payments will be calculated against the final bill and any outstanding payments settled. If both parties agree, any surplus can be deducted from the following month’s rent. If our cooperation begins in the middle of the year, we recommend requesting a special billing so as to have a more accurate overview of the current status.

Can you help me with property rental taxes?

Our customer service department will provide you with professional preparation of all documentation needed for your regular annual tax filing, regardless whether you are an employer or self-employed.

What's the difference between you and a real estate agency?

Unlike a real estate agency, we actually rent the property from you directly. In doing this, we take all potential risks connected with the subletting of the apartment onto our own shoulders. This means that the property owner can rest assured that he will always get paid. We are the ideal tenant. We are not burdened by traditional pre-conceived notions, and view the real estate market differently than a realtor.