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Maybe you are new to this field, maybe you're an old hand.
There's a whole range of issues connected with renting out an apartment.

You don’t need to know them all, and you certainly don’t need to live through them. Just FYI, click on the list:


Hassles: Looking for a tenant means more than just ads, taking photos, and answering uncountable phone calls; it also involves lots of meetings. Some interested parties come late to apartment tours, if at all. Get ready for a barrage of all kinds of questions and also follow-up questions, by telephone or e-mail. You’ll be negotiating prices, looking for legal assistance, transferring or billing utilities, checking to see if rent has been paid, and because it is unfortunately often late, pushing to get payment. The apartment has to be inspected regularly, maintenance and repairs need to be done, and in the worst-case scenario, it’s necessary to arrange repairs for damages. And then one day out of the blue the tenant gives you notice that he is moving elsewhere. You’re left with an empty apartment and back to where you started.

We’ll take care of everything for you, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Here are some more very real risks; things that will end up costing you a lot more than you expected.

Maybe it’s best not to even click on this one…


Risks: The worst apartment is an unoccupied apartment that’s not bringing in any revenue, just costs. A tenant doesn’t take care of an apartment as if it were his own, and often will damage it or ruin furnishings and appliances. Repairs and unexpected maintenance can cut a lot out of your profit. You’re going to go into each month unsure if the tenant will pay on time or will be late again, or maybe not even pay at all. Not to mention the legal expenses that will be incurred if you need to sue and evict someone for nonpayment. And get ready for a lot of complaints from the neighbors if you don’t choose the right tenant.

We'll take all the risks onto our own shoulders, saving you money.

You'll be working with a partner who won't cause you any trouble.
On the contrary, our skills and experience will get you long-term increases in profit.

Our offer:

Apartment maintenance and administration

We manage everything connected with your apartment and tenant

  • We take photos of your apartment and place advertisements
  • We find tenants and do background checks
  • We manage the handover of the apartment
  • We carry out regular inspections
  • We take care of repairs, maintenance and revisions
  • We return the apartment to you in its original condition

Customer service

We’re always here for you

  • We provide 24/7 assistance, 7 days a week
  • We take care of all communication with the tenant
  • We provide regular reports, including photos and meter readings
  • We provide an online account for you to monitor costs, payments and events

Legal and accounting services

We deal with the laws and the numbers for you

  • We provide accounting and tax advice, and prepare your tax return
  • We arrange insurance services and set up home and damage liability insurance policies
  • We sign, renew, or terminate contracts with the tenant
  • We monitor deadlines and handle contract extensions
  • We collect utilities deposits and send out rent payment reminders

Optimization of overhead and profit

We cut your costs and maximize your yield

  • We set up the transfer of utilities and services
  • We find out if there are energy savings to be had, and if so, take care of it
  • We monitor market prices and set the rent amount accordingly

As you know only too well, earning money by renting property is not an easy task. With us you can manage it without hassles, without risk, and above all with stable profits.

Do you want to know how much renting
out your property can bring you?

Rent calculation


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- for a fee
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of the net rent
of the net rent
of the net rent

Program designed for apartment owners who would like to maximize the rental profit but don't want to have anything to do with the tenant. Expect 7 days/week availability with immediate response to all apartment-related issues. Rent payments are remitted to the owner in full regardless of apartment occupancy.

Program designed for apartment owners who don't want any hassle with the apartment and the tenant, and leave that to us. The rent will be remitted to the owner according to the contract, and there is a a pre-agreed payment amount for times the apartment is not occupied.

Program designed especially for apartment owners who already have a long-term tenant in the apartment, but no longer wish to take care of the apartment and tenant.

We find a reliable tenant

We carry out background checks of the tenant in the available registries

We negotiate with the tenant for you
We handle the transfer of utilities and all services without your involvement
We arrange legal services
We set up a personal online account for you to track events, costs, and records of visits to your apartment
We arrange home insurance with liability for the tenant for any incurred damages
We handle insurance cases for you and the tenant
We collect overdue rent from the tenant
We pay the rent when your apartment is unoccupied




We pay the rent from the agreed date and thereafter for the duration of our contract with you
We renegotiate the rent with the tenant on an annual basis to match market prices
We handle the annual billing of utilities and services with the tenant
We share with you any additional rental profits that exceed those stated in our contract

Telephone or chat assistance na telefonu/chatu

8:00-21:00 7 days a week

8:00-18:00 workdays

8:00-18:00 workdays

Regular maintenance and minor repairs in the apartment
Providing repairs at the owner's expense
Regular apartment inspections and sharing information and photo documentation kontroly bytu a sdílení informací o stavu a fotodokumentace
Property management service also for an apartment or house in which you live

Preparation of documents for your tax return for property rental income taxes
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How does it work?

1. We sit down with you

and introduce our services, go over the possibilities, and answer your questions

2. We take a tour
of your property

and find out what condition it is in

3. We agree
on the conditions

and sign a rental contract

4. We do the apartment handover

(keys, handover protocol, powers of attorney)

5. From this moment
on you can look forward

to a stable worry–free income