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We think differently,
new. We are Novorent, after all

We like
casual communication and keeping our house
in order

We work
in the amazing DRN
building on Národní Třída

Why should you join forces with us?

Communicating candidly

  • We are friendly and fair to each other
  • We communicate informally and keep our house in order
  • We address both pleasant and unpleasant situations without delay

Doing things differently

  • We're not bound by structures or complicated rules
  • We make definitive and quick decisions
  • We are flexible and can adjust to your needs, especially if you're raring to go and have great results

Creating values together

  • We support individual and independent work
  • At the same time we are a team that creates its own values, together
  • With us, you’ll have the freedom to blaze your own path, but you won't be alone

Raring to go

  • We are happy to broaden our horizons and improve services for our clients
  • You'll be involved in new undertakings and will immediately see results
  • We are innovators in the field

We are innovators in our field, and our goal is to digitalize the administration of apartment management solutions. We work in the creative and inspirational environment of the DRN palace on Národní Třída; a place that gives us the freedom and space to create and constantly improve. Within the framework of WeWork Labs, we benefit from networking and partnerships with like-minded companies and startups from around the world.

Interested in our offer?
Tell us a bit about yourself, we will be happy to meet you!