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Your apartment rented out.
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Do you want your property to make money for you instead of eating up your time and energy?

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Why work with us?

You spend more than 65 hours per year taking care of the apartment that you are renting out!

We'll take care of it for you, leaving you time to do the things you love.

Most tenants leave a rented apartment within 14 months.

We'll ensure full occupancy of your apartment with reliable and verified tenants.

A change of tenants means an empty apartment for 2 to 4 weeks.

Payments from us will continue to be remitted to your account even when your apartment is unoccupied.

Finding a new tenant means at least three in-person apartment views.

We'll handle the ads and follow-up apartment tours with potential tenants.

On average, you have to deal with repairs or renovations in the apartment once every year.

We check the apartment regularly and handle minor repairs and standard maintenance.

Every landlord loses three months of rent due to nonpayment once every five years.

We assume the risk of non-paying tenants. You will always get your money, and on time.

According to statistics there is an insurance incident once a year in the value of 25,000 CZK.

Your apartment will always be insured. We will handle insurance claims both for you and the tenant.